11 Awesome activities to get your kids outdoors summer 2020

Summer is coming, and we need to get our kids outside, no matter how hard it may be to drag them from the tv and electronic devices in this day and age.

If you’re a new parent, before reading on check out my ’top 5 must-haves for new parents’.

My son Elijah is a couch potato. He’s not very much into crafts or toy play, he’s much more into physical activity and has a lot of energy to realise! So these are my 11 favourite things for outside summertime fun.

1. Water balloons

How could you go wrong with a good old water balloon fight? We’ve all had one. But check these out FILL AND TIE 132 water balloons in 60 seconds… No more standing at the tap filling one at a time, while your bundles of joy look at you eagle-eyed(and probably popping them faster than you can fill them up). My son loves anything to do with water and loves balloons and balls, so this is a no brainer!

2. Little Tikes slide

If you have a toddler, they will love this. It’s easily assembled and safe enough for them to climb and slide down themselves. We originally purchased ours for indoors (my son doesn’t like the outdoors much) toddlers need occupying! This is great for all year round; we often put it into the pool or ball bit for him to slide into to make it extra fun!

If your child’s a little older and you have the outdoor space, check out this alternative.

3. Sidewalk chalk

Big colourful pieces of chalk! Fun for children of all ages(i must admit I try and get artistic with these too), and held easily by toddlers if they are not too good at fine motor skills yet. Easily washed off, just leave it to the rain!

4. Giant Dominos

Get everybody out and involved playing a classic game of dominos, but these ones are giant sized! Once everyone has finished playing I’m sure the kids will also enjoy finding new ways to play with them, and as they’re made of foam, so suitable for younger kids, you can leave them too get on with it.

5. Activity pool

Leading on from the water play, what better than a pool?… A pool that sprays out water and has a slide! Also comes with a variety of colourful balls, with which my son is obsessed. This one is also not too deep so great for all ages, I even get in there myself!

6. Bubble machine

We all love bubbles, and kids find them fascinating. All I had as a child was a pot of bubbles and a stick, but how amazing is this?! 500 bubbles per minute! Kids love running around chasing after them and popping them!

7. Water activity table

If your little ones are anything like mine and they love water, this will be for you, loads of features and ways for your kids to refine they’re fine motor skills as they play! This one will keep them occupied for more than 2 minutes.

8. Carnival games set

This set is great for children and adults; Promote your children’s hand and eye coordination whilst having fun, get the whole family involved and make a competition out of it; If the sunshine hides away and you don’t want to stay outside, take the set in with you and carry on the fun indoors!

9. Sports day kit

We all remember sports day right? Egg and spoon race? Sack race? Bean bag toss? Bring sports day home with this awesome kit, make a competition out of it and get the whole family involved, KIDS VS ADULTS!

If you want to go the extra level and bring a little competition into it check out these medals!

10. Jumbo Jenga

This is one for the everybody, children and parents, get the whole family involved in a classic game of Jenga…just on a MUCH bigger scale. Once the game is over, and the tower falls I’m sure the kids will find new ways too play with this and start building impressive structures also!

11. Teepee tent

This one is great as you can use it indoors and outdoors. What child doesn’t love a tent! There’s something magical about having your own little hideaway as a kid. Also excellent for when they want to get out of the sun for a while, maybe to read a book or have a little picnic.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy a fun-filled summer with your kids!

Maybe get a little ’you’ time and catch some rays while they get on with some playing! I’d love to hear some of your ideas, share some products you love with me; I’m always looking for more outdoor activities, drop a comment on here so other people can join in with the fun!

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  1. Awesome! like how much fun could we have all had with those water balloons? I always remember filling them too big and they would just burst off the tap!

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