Should I leave my baby alone with dad

Should I Leave My Baby Alone With Dad?

Mom’s of the world, is this a question you find yourself asking? Should I leave my baby alone with dad? Maybe you have a valid reason, maybe it’s just a fear that you have, but have no idea why. After all, you did carry your little bundle of joy for 9 months, unseparated; almost as one.

I’m here to tell you, that yes, you should leave dad alone with the baby, not only so you can have some precious time to yourself, but also so dad and baby can enjoy some one on one bonding. This is invaluable to strengthen their relationship and for dad to learn to become a caregiver, just as much as you are.

Are You Nervous About Leaving Your Baby Alone With Dad?

I honestly get it, and it must be extremely difficult to imagine spending any time away from your baby.

Will dad know why the baby is crying? Does he know how to feed the baby? Lot’s of questions will fill your mind, but you should both be investing in this new addition to your family and dad has the built-in skills to nurture just like you!

It’s hard work looking after a baby, but the only way to learn is to actually do it.

Some things to think about:

Is your partner comfortable and enthusiastic about being left alone with your baby?

If the answer to this question is yes, then honestly give them the chance to prove themselves!

Do you trust your partner?

Okay so this one can be a difficult question to answer and you shouldn’t base it on their knowledge of babies, especially if it’s their first child. Base this more on if you trust them as a person and partner, after all, if you have a baby together you should be working as a team.

Have you decided on how your baby is going to be fed?

Is your baby bottle or breastfed? If you’ve gone for bottle feeding, dad should have no problems as long as he knows how to make the formula up and wind the baby, all is good to go!

If you’ve chosen to breastfeed it could be a little more difficult as you will need to first find out if your little one will take milk from a bottle, and you will also need to be able to express. Figure these points out first to make it easier on you, dad and baby.

Do you have a good solid routine in place?

It’s no secret that babies thrive when they have a good routine in place. We’re pretty strict with the routine in our house it just makes life that little bit more simple. You know what to expect next and so does your baby, this helps with keeping everyone’s stress levels low.

If you already have your routine locked down and dad is getting involved when you’re around, all he will need to do is keep it up when you’re not there and all will be fine! It might seem harsh to say but honestly, your baby might not even notice you’re gone if they’re still in the newborn stage.

Dad and baby
Precious time with my daughter Dakota.

The Importance Of Dad And Baby Alone Time

As mentioned above its so important for dad to experience some one on one bonding and alone time with the baby. Throughout the pregnancy he may have felt slightly detached from the whole experience, whereas you’ve had 9 months to build an unbreakable bond, now is dads time to shine.

Babies are challenging enough as it is, you want as much help as you can, you need to rest, take some time out for well overdue self-care, dad and baby will be absolutely fine.

We’ll break this down a little more bellow.

Dad And Baby Bonding

Just you and your baby, moments of silence and cuddles, moments of mayhem and crying episodes; All part of the parcel and all equally as beautiful on reflection.

Gone are the times where dads were none existent in the main caregiving role; Although there are most definitely still stigmas to break, that’s part of one of the reasons I’m here. Its time to spread the word and speak out on just how much us dads love being present in our children’s lives.

Here are some ways to get dad involved more and make sure a solid bond is built from the very start. giving you a little peace of mind at the same time.

Skin To Skin

  • Helps to create an instant bond between dad and baby from the moment they’re born.
  • Soothes baby and comforts them.
  • Helps to regulate babies breathing and heart rate.
  • Sets the foundations for a unbreakable bond from the very beginning.

Skin to skin is not just for mom and baby, dads can very much and should get involved too.

Get Dad Involved With Feeding

  • Allows dad to assume the main caregiving role.
  • Creates a bond between dad and baby through one on one caregiving.
  • Enables mom to get some rest as you can share the load, eg. night feeds etc.
  • installs trust between dad and baby.

Get dad involved in feeding from the very beginning and this will relieve you of some of the stresses involved in leaving your baby alone with dad.

Dads Are Cuddly too

My son is a daddies boy and honestly clings to me at any given opportunity! There are a lot of things he will only let me do for him.

It’s a thing of the past to think dads don’t show love and affection, it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is nothing that can make a man look stronger than the love he shows for his children.

Let your partner have plenty of opportunities to show his affectionate side through cuddling and soothing your baby.

I’ve written a more in-depth article on dad and newborn baby bonding tips if you would like to read more on this topic or maybe let your partner take a read. you can check it out here.

When shouldn’t Your Baby Be Left Alone With Dad?

There are certain situations where it might not be the best idea to leave your baby alone with dad. This will depend on your personal situation but here are some reasons to help you decide.

  • Are you in a loving committed relationship?
  • Has your partner ever shown any violence towards you or your baby?
  • If your baby is breastfed it could be hard to leave them if you can’t express or if they will not take a fed from a bottle.
  • If you don’t have a routine set for your baby, set one first to minimise stress.

Your babies safety and wellbeing should come first before anything.

I’ve written another article you may be interested in where I cover the topic of how to maintain a healthy relationship. if you would like to read it, you can check it out here.

I hope I’ve been able to provide some clarity for you with this article and you make the choice of getting a well-deserved break. Dad and baby will be just fine. To finish off this article I thought I’d show you this video of what dad and your baby may get up to when they’re home alone…

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